Pocket Desk by Offi

Pocket Desk by Offi

This desk gives you more than enough room up top with its 60 x 31 inch workspace and gives you even more with its slide-out concealed shelf. The Offi Pocket Desk ($1,450) has a crisp maple finish, a hidden compartment for storing cables, and powder coated steel legs with lockable casters that give it the industrial look that's all the rage with home office ninjas.

  • Bic Body Action Pen

    You'd probably expect us to highlight some ridiculously expensive pen that you could write underwater with or one that you could use to do heart surgery, but the first writing utensil on Uncrate costs only $1.27 at Wal-Mart. The retractable Bic Body Action is only 4.5 inches long (compared to a normal pen's 6 inches), so it fits nicely in your pocket along with your Hipster PDA. But you'll really want to get this thing if you carry around a real PDA too. That's because the other end of the pen has a convenient stylus that worked perfectly on our Treo.

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