Pocket Fishing Pole

Pocket Fishing Pole

Is that a fishing pole in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh, it's a Pocket Fishing Pole ($45)? Well that's a little awkward. But you are happy to see us, right? Wait, where are you going? Fishing? Yea — that pretty much makes sense.

  • BoomCooler

    Be the hippest billy on the hill. The BoomCooler ($900) essentially packs a car stereo into an ice chest, rendering ineffective for storing beer, but extra effective for rocking out. And rock out you will — this monstrosity features a CDX-GT320 AM/FM radio and CD Player, two 6” x 9” 240 Watt Max 4-Way Speakers, one 1100 Watt Max 10” Subwoofer and a 4-Channel 600-Watt Amplifier, all from the Sony Xplod line. Perfect for Nascar, pig roasts or gatherings involving camouflage. [Thanks, Mike]

  • MSR Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter

    The Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter ($17) by Mountain Safety Research compacts the principles of a percolating coffee machine into one travel mug. Just throw some of your favorite drink in the filter, stick it in your favorite mug and add hot water. Soon you'll be drinking just like you were in the comforts of your own home, which brings us to a word of caution — using this contraption anywhere other than camping will make you to look like a bit of a fool.

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