Point 65N Modular Kayaks

Instead of forcing you to invest in a new boat and gear every time your taste for adventure changes — technical rapids, open ocean, lake fishing — with Point 65N Modular Kayaks all you need to do is add or remove a component. They have everything from solo to tandem kayaks, meant for all sorts of water sports. Their modular, snap-together design makes them easy to customize, and gives them the added benefit of being highly portable, without sacrificing buoyancy and handling. All you need to do to get your boat to the water is break it down and throw it in the back of your vehicle (no need for a roof rack and tie-downs).

  • Emad Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard

    Most skateboards — and certainly most electric skateboards — are designed for use on the smooth, man-made trails we like to call sidewalks and roads. The Emad Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard ($650) lets you leave these paved paths behind. Thanks to large off-road tires, a powerful 800-watt motor, and flexible trucks, this versatile board can handle sand, mud, gravel, and dirt with the best of them, propelling persons up to 330 lbs. at speeds of up to 19 mph. Just don't forget to wear a helmet — word has it that hitting a tree going downhill at 20+ mph is a lot rougher than simply bailing off the rail at the local skatepark.

  • Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV

    Whether you're outfitting your local militia, or you just need the kind of vehicle that will stand up to some serious punishment, you need the Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV ($15,000). Built to military specifications, this ATV features industry first non-pneumatic tires that can't get flats, won't tear, rip, or otherwise puncture — they can actually stand up to a .50-calibre round and still ride for up to 350 miles. It also comes with a single-speed transmission, steel exoskeleton, steel racks, huge towing and hauling capacity, 77 horsepower, and all-wheel drive.

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