Polaris Rush

Polaris Rush

Tear up the powder this winter aboard a Polaris Rush ($TBA). Packing Polaris' well-received 600 Liberty engine, the Rush boasts a stronger, stiffer chassis that allows for more precise control and less ski lifting, a progressive-rate rear suspension to prevent bottoming out on big bumps (or jumps), and true rider-active control, letting the you move your body weight forward to help with cornering or slide back on the seat for more grip when accelerating. It might have a more steep learning curve than your average snowmobile, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be well worth it.

  • Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft

    Boasting one of the highest price tags of any item ever featured on Uncrate, the Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft ($65 million) is also one of the most hardcore. This 179-foot, military-grade hovercraft was designed for landing troops and transports on enemy shores, boasting two stabilized multiple rocket launchers, four portable air defense missile systems, enough room to hold three tanks and 140 troops, complete with living quarters, life support, and nuclear, biological, and chemical protection areas, and a square-shaped pontoon structure for a rugged, stable platform at sea. For those of you not planning a hostile attack on Richard Branson's private island, the Seal Hovercraft ($12,000) is a more sensible option, with a 14-foot length, 2-3 person capacity, and no lethal weapons to worry about. [Thanks, Chris]

  • Suzuki QuadRacer R450 Limited Edition

    Put a championship-winning ride in your garage with the Suzuki QuadRacer R450 Limited Edition ($8,200). Recently ridden to the 2008 AMA Pro ATV Championship, the QuadRacer R450 packs a motocross-tested, fuel-injected 450cc four-stroke engine, a new piston oil cooling jet to keep the engine cool and performance at its maximum, a new aluminum rear sub-frame, a more streamlined fuel tank, and a more responsive rear brake pedal, plus a stunning new black livery with black wheels that helps it stand out from the rest of ATV pack.

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