Polaris Sportsman Ace

What do you get when you take a RZR and remove all but one of the seats? Something very close to the Polaris Sportsman Ace. This single-rider ATV is powered by a 4-Stroke Pro-Star engine, and offers on-demand all-wheel-drive, tons of storage, a locking rear cargo box, a hefty towing capacity of up to 1,500 lbs, LED lights, and a clever, open design that makes it easy to enter and exit the vehicle while keeping you as safe as possible. The only downside? You'd better hope your buddies have one of their own to ride.

  • Onewheel

    Yes, it's technically billed as "the world's first one-wheeled self balancing electric skateboard." But the fact of the matter is that the Onewheel isn't really a skateboard at all — it's a whole new experience. Powered by state-of-the-art batteries and a new type of brushless hub motor, it uses a host of sensors to allow you to move up to 12 mph, over a range of 4-6 miles, by doing nothing more than hopping aboard, leaning forward to accelerate, and leaning backward to slow down and stop. All of which sounds much easier than kicking the ground/bailing into the grass.

  • Dark Motorcycle Helmet

    Your bike doesn't need to be armed with grappling hooks, armor-piercing cannons, and machine guns to pull off the Dark Motorcycle Helmet — though it definitely wouldn't hurt if you were cruising on something resembling the Batpod. No, this helmet is made for the not-quite-average guy with a penchant for the unique (even if he doesn't spend his nights fighting crime). Molded from a proprietary elastomer material, this DOT-approved full face helmet features interchangeable clear and tinted visors, and flexible points at the top for a silhouette that's sure to get a few looks. Removable liners and adjustable vents help keep things cool, while multiple vents reduce fog and keep you comfortable.

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