Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera

If you're a big fan of vintage photography, you're not going to get much more retro than the Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera ($210). Developed in collaboration with The Impossible Project and limited to just 50 units, these hand-refurbished Land Cams feature a white and black body with a seventies-licious rainbow running from the lens to the output slot, a simple black strap, and come with two boxes of B&W/sepia PX 100 film. The perfect real-world compliment to all those grainy, processed iPhone pics you've been snapping.

  • Burglary Kit

    Need to bust into a competitor's headquarters for a little industrial espionage, or just need to do some good ol' fashioned snooping? The Burglary Kit ($200) has just what you need, including an intimidating black mask, gloves, a first aid kit in case you cut yourself on a busted-out window, a small knife, a camera for casing the joint, some rope for tying up witnesses/victims, a flashlight for late night operations, Chiclets to... umm... keep your breath fresh, and the requisite crow bar. Of course, you could always try the direct approach, but we hear that only works for encyclopedia salesmen.

  • Eigenharp Alpha

    And here we thought real harps were unusual. The Eigenharp Alpha (£4,000; roughly $5,800) is a mixture of woodwind and keyboard, offering up an unorthodox musical control paradigm that includes a breath pipe, 120 keys, 12 percussion keys, two strip controllers, and multiple pedal inputs, all of which are fed into a Mac for digestion by custom software that somehow translates all of that into music. Great for the musical prodigy in your life that can't choose between Julliard and MIT.

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