Pong Table

The first arcade game to be based on a real-life sport, Pong has now gone full-circle, entering the real world in this Pong Table. Created by Daniel Perdomo and his friends, it took two years to develop the game, which has rectangular paddles and a square ball to stay true to the original. The paddles are moved mechanically, while the ball glides across the surface thanks to a mechanically manipulated magnet underneath the playing surface. LED scoring and retro side graphics complete the build, which is unfortunately not for sale.

  • Polycade

    Old-school arcade machines are a great addition to any gaming room. But they're also heavy, take up a ton of space, and are prone to breaking down. The Polycade offers the feel of classic arcade machines without the headaches. This wall-mounted unit has a 28-inch LED monitor and integrated 8-way controls for two players, plus a 4-way one-player setup for older games, and is powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with an 8GB SD card pre-installed with emulation software and nearly 100 games. The box is assembled by professional cabinet makers, and finished in your choice of vinyl graphics or solid color paint. You can remove the control panel for future upgrades, you can add more games/consoles via software, and should you worry that it's just another crowdfunded pipe dream, rest assured knowing the team behind it includes the kids of Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari.

  • Battlecade

    Inspired by the Milton-Bradley classic Battleship, the Battlecade offers face-to-face gaming action for more than just sinking boats. By fixing two 12" LCD screens in the center, facing controls on either side, this portable gaming console lets you play a number of emulated titles without the worry that your opponent might be picking up your moves. It's handmade from American walnut, split into three sections that fold up for portability, and offers built-in storage for both the power supply and the detachable joysticks.

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