Poppy 3D iPhone Camera

For anyone who remembers looking at images through a View-Master as a kid, the Poppy 3D iPhone Camera ($39) should look familiar. Just by popping your device into the slot on top, you can shoot and view 3D images and video using your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then share your videos or images on the web, letting your friends view them using their own Poppy, a 3D monitor, or red and blue glasses. While it'll work using any photo or video app, they've also made their own iOS app to make things easier.

  • Mutator

    We've all done it — set our iPhones to silent only to have them make noise anyway, normally at the most inappropriate time possible (at dinner, during a meeting, in the middle of sex with an overly jealous, possibly psychopathic partner). Mutator ($16) is out to end all of that. This simple gadget sits in your iPhone's headphone port, letting you silence all sorts of sounds — videos, music, apps, Siri, alerts, etc. — with nothing more than a simple turn of the pyramid-shaped top. Turning the audio back on is as simple as turning it back the other way, giving you complete control over your cantankerous communicator. [Scouted by Danny]

  • Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector

    Looking to start your own ghost-busting business? You're going to want a Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector ($20). This nifty gadget plugs into the headphone port of your iPhone or iPod touch, and lets you check for potentially spooky electromagnetic radiation via a companion app. When you're not looking for stray souls, you can use it to check the levels of electromagnetic radiation sources in your home or office — things like your TV, clock, gaming system, or small child who just ate one of his "smart" toys.

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