Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine

Artisanal coffee doesn't have to be a lot of work. The Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine makes it as simple as a normal coffee maker. It features a built-in hopper that holds 1.25 pounds of beans, and a built-in burr grinder so you can wait to grind until you're ready, ensuring maximum freshness. A 50 oz. water reservoir lets you make up to four servings without refilling, a charcoal filter cleans your water, and best of all, you can adjust the machine's settings right from the Wink app, saving your favorites and sharing them too. And when it's time to order beans and filters, the machine can take care of that, too, with Amazon delivering more before you even need them.

  • Cinder Sensing Cooker

    Sous vide is a culinary revelation, allowing you to precisely, perfectly cook foods with little effort on your part. The Cinder Sensing Cooker promises similar results without the water. Using an 1800 Watt enclosed stainless steel cooking chamber and two non-stick aluminum cooking plates loaded with sensors it can achieve — and maintain — the precise temperature needed to cook whatever it is you're eating. You control the action with a dial on the front or with the companion app, the latter of which can notify you when your food is ready. You can then hold it at that temperature for up to two hours, and simply hit a button when you're ready to sear it and serve, freeing you up to work on sides, sauces, or just relax.

  • Smarter Coffee Machine

    Freshly ground. Precisely brewed. On demand. And ready before you even get out of bed. With the Smarter Coffee Machine, you can brew anywhere from one to 12 cups of coffee right from your smartphone. It can grind and brew fresh beans automatically, so you get as fresh a cup as possible, lets you choose how course a grind you like, and how strong you like your joe. There's a function on the app to let other users request a cup, and the app can also have a fresh cup waiting for you when you get home, or wake you up with a fresh cup every morning, which is more than you can say for your local espresso shop.

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