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The Mason jar: an iconic drinking vessel in much of the South, and at the very least a reliable form of food storage everywhere else. Now the Portland Press ($100) is here to turn the Mason jar into something else: a French Press. Made in Oregon from US-sourced materials, the Press includes a 24-oz. Mason jar, a wooden lid and handle, metal and plastic interior components, a custom grey felt cozy, and a lifetime warranty. We must admit — the cozy's are quite handsome, so much so that we'd consider ponying up the extra $50 to score two 12-oz. versions for use on our normal Mason jars.

  • Espresso Veloce V12 Machine

    Just in case you've been wishing for an espresso machine that's shaped like a car engine, we bring you the Espresso Veloce V12 Machine ($TBA). Limited to just 500 pieces, this insane machine is handcrafted from common automotive materials like aluminum, magnesium, and titanium, and features a filter that resembles a coffee filter, dispensers that resemble tailpipes, and other little touches that tie the Veloce to its racing inspiration. Perfect for the garage, racing-themed man cave, or just a standard kitchen that happens to use a Ferrari as a dinner table.

  • Magmate Magnetic Blade Guards

    Have a habit of slicing up your fingers when you grab the knife out of the drawer? These Magmate Magnetic Blade Guards ($25) are the perfect protection. Your blade is sealed inside a plastic fortress, with cushy foam to make sure you don't lose that sharp edge, and magnets you can count on to make sure it's closed. Which brings us back to the knives. You haven't cut yourself yet, right? [via]

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