Power Caffeinated Toothpaste

Instead of waiting for your coffee to cool to get your first daily fix of caffeine, Power Caffeinated Toothpaste gives you a little pick me up right out of bed. Like most other toothpastes, it does a fine job of cleaning and whitening your teeth and has a fresh, minty flavor. Unlike its competitors, it does so while giving you a subtle dose of caffeine that goes to work almost immediately, keeping you alert until your morning cup is ready. Made in America, it ships in 2.5 oz. tubes, or enough for about 90 brushes.

  • Under Armour Healthbox

    There are tons of gadgets to help keep you fit. Fitness trackers, heart monitors, and smart scales, for example. Normally they all come from different companies with different designs. The Under Armour Healthbox brings all three together in a simple, unified solution. Designed and built by HTC, the kit includes the UA Band, which tracks activity, workouts, sleep, and can display stats while you're exercising, the UA Heart Rate, a compact, accurate monitor, and UA Scale, a Wi-Fi enabled scale that measures weight and body fat percentage. All three connect to the UA Record app to provide an in-depth look at your health and fitness, and how to improve both.

  • Hock Design Diskus Dumbbell Set

    Get your exercise done at home without making it look like a Planet Fitness with the Hock Design Diskus Dumbbell Set. The set includes six pairs of dumbbells in weights ranging from 10-20kg, or roughly 22 to 44 pounds, crafted from 303 non-reactive stainless steel. They rest on a rack made from sustainably-grown solid walnut with a aluminum frame for added support and safeglide stainless shelves to keep your fingers from getting smashed.

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