PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

Portable batteries that charge up your various gadgets are nothing new. Nor is adding an emergency LED light to the mix. But the PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter goes above and beyond these other options by offering to power something even more vital: your vehicle. With a massive 12,000mAh battery at its core, this portable power solution can perform up to 20 jump starts on a single charge, while offering two USB ports for gadget charging, or alternately up to 120 hours of runtime for the built-in flashlight. A must-have trunk stash for the off-roading gadgeteer.

  • Ubi

    What has seemed like a futuristic dream to many is a reality with a product like Ubi. The device plugs into a wall outlet, connects to WiFi, and awaits your instructions via voice. Talk to Ubi to search the internet, set reminders, play music, email, text, or use it as a speakerphone or an intercom system. It's also equipped with temperature, humidity, air pressure, and ambient light sensors — giving you valuable feedback on the environment. Ubiquitous computing through products like these show that the future is now.

  • Brunton Power Knife

    Traditional handymen never leave home without a trusty, multi-tool pocket knife. Modern day digital handymen don't leave home without the Brunton Power Knife. Measuring just four and a half inches long and weighing just over half a pound, this clever gadget features fold-out connectors for Apple Lightning and 30-pin as well as Micro USB ports, with a standard USB plug on the opposite end. It ensures that no matter what you encounter, you'll be able to keep your gear charged up.

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