Wouldn't it be great to have an extra portable power source for your gadgets that didn't take up much space and was easy to charge? The Powerstick ($50) is a thumb drive-sized accessory that charges via the built-in USB connector and can provide extra juice for lots of different devices, including most cell phones, iPods, and others that charge via mini-USB.

  • Ambient ScoreCast Devices

    If you like getting your sports updates instantly, and sitting in front of a screen watching ESPN News all day isn't an option for you, check out Ambient's ScoreCast Devices ($125 each). While the company's Football ScoreCast has been out since Nov., the Baseball ScoreCast won't be available until April — but both offer updates every period (that's every quarter or half inning) and also provide up-to-date league, conference, and division standings, and receives its updates subscription-free from Ambient's InfoCast Network, which covers 90-percent of US households. Sports scores, delivered directly to your desk, without all that "Boo-yah" nonsense.

  • Actron PocketScan Diagnostic Code Reader

    The "Check Engine" light has long been a thorn in the side of car owners, requiring an expensive trip to the garage to get rid of it. The Actron PocketScan Diagnostic Code Reader ($40) lets you retrieve trouble codes from your vehicle's computer on your own, giving you valuable diagnostic information, and letting you clear the codes and turn off the light. Of course, for more pressing matters you'll still need the help of a mechanic, but at least now you'll know exactly what's wrong with your ride before you take it in for repair.

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