PowerUp 3.0 iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Combine the tactile nostalgia of paper plane folding with the hands-on enjoyment of RC flight using the PowerUp 3.0 iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane ($50). This iOS app controlled device is a Bluetooth wireless receiver and a motor connected to a propeller by a carbon fiber shaft that you can attach to nearly any paper plane. Just build a plane out of a piece of standard paper, attach the motor, and open up the app on your phone — it'll fly for up to ten minutes on a single charge. Available this month.

  • Hangin' With The Homies Air Fresheners

    Show your solidarity with the original Compton crew when you deck out your rearview with these Hangin' With The Homies Air Fresheners ($10). This first run comes with three air fresheners, featuring Eazy-E and Dr. Dre of N.W.A., and Darlene Ortiz (in her famous pose from Ice-T's Power), scented in apple, black ice, and vanilla, respectively. Even if you aren't from the mean streets of South Central LA, that doesn't mean you can't represent with three of Hip hop's most iconic personalities — and make your '64 smell as fresh as possible.

  • Anki Drive

    Anki Drive ($200) is a new kind of racing game — part new-aged slot car, part iOS video game, part exercise in artificial intelligence — it brings the sort of racing interaction usually relegated to the virtual world, into (quasi-)reality. Each set includes two slot cars (designed by the Hollywood automotive artist who brought us the 1996 Batmobile), a vinyl racing mat embedded with special ink the cars can sense, and an iOS app that lets you control and customize your vehicles. The cars are powered by artificial intelligence, with the option for users to steer or fire upgradable weapons. Each car develops a unique character over time, depending on what skills and attributes you choose to upgrade, giving them advantages out on the track. It's the perfect combination of racing, robotics, and interactivity you look for in a game on the screen, but you can play it right on the floor of your apartment.

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