Priority Bike

It sounds too good to be true — a quality, stylish, maintenance-free bike for a reasonable price. But that's exactly what the Priority Bike is meant to be. It starts with an oversized aluminum frame that refuses to rust, continues with a belt-driven system that requires virtually no maintenance, and concludes with a smooth three-geared system. Or maybe not, since the bike also comes with a tire pump, water bottle cage, a comfy seat, and puncture-resistant tires. With only five minutes required to put the thing together, you'll be on the road in no time.

  • Alen 68 Yacht

    It's a wonderful problem to have, but we're sure there's someone out there right this minute trying to decide whether they should buy a cruising yacht or a day boat. With the Alen 68 Yacht, you don't have to decide. Boasting 20% more space than most comparable vessels, the 68 uses a flexible design to allow for your choice of up to 3 cabins or more lounging space. Other features include upscale materials like bleached oak, white leather and white onyx, 2 powerful V12 engines good for a top speed of 45 knots, and sleek styling that will make you mighty popular at the local yacht club.

  • Patchnride

    There's nothing quite like a flat tire to ruin a good bike ride — it's a complete pain to fix, usually expensive, and typically results in a quick end to your trip — at least until the Patchnride. This simple, portable device lets you easily and permanently fix a popped tire on the road, letting you get right back to riding. All you need to do is insert the device into the hole, pull back on the switch, and pump your tire up (all without ever removing your wheel from your bike). So forget about costly fixes and ruined days, and just ride.

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