Security breaches happen despite the best efforts of even the biggest merchants. Keep yourself protected with Privacy. This smart app creates a new custom Visa card for every online store you frequent and locks the card to that merchant — so you're protected even if they're hacked. You can also set spending limits on each card, close any card with a single swipe, and even setup single-use cards that are perfect for free trials.

  • Countable

    It doesn't matter what your politics are — keeping yourself better informed and making your opinions known to your representatives makes for a stronger democracy. Countable makes it as easy as browsing your social feeds. It offers short, non-partisan summaries of news and upcoming legislations, providing unbiased arguments both for and against each bill, and also lets you send video message to your reps, or post opinions/votes on upcoming issues. It's old-school advocacy for a busy modern world.

  • Attenborough Story of Life

    Sir David Attenborough has spent decades of his life putting animals and other natural phenomena to film. Attenborough Story of Life is a new app that lets you peruse his work on a subject-by-subject basis. Included in the app are segments from such esteemed shows as Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Life, covering everything from the tiniest insects to the largest creatures on Earth. A perfect warmup before Planet Earth II comes to the States.

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