Project Utopia

Part vessel, part island, part sci-fi fever dream, Project Utopia is, as the name suggests, an envisioning of a perfect place to live. Set on four legs that support the upper decks with help from a central pillar, it measures roughly 100 meters across and 100 meters high, giving it outstanding ocean views. All that room is capable of housing hundreds of people, with amenities ranging from swimming pools, a theater, a casino, and a bar to a private docking station, convertible decks, and up to four heliports. Engines mounted on the legs give it the ability to move — albeit slowly — from place to place, meaning it can bring your friends, family, and even distant acquaintances along wherever you roam.

Photos: Yacht Island Design

  • Hub Kitchen Appliance

    A good set of kitchen appliances can make cooking a lot more convenient. But it'll also take up a ton of room. The Hub Kitchen Appliance concept solves this problem — and more — with a clean, modern design. Using a shared base with motor and heating element attachments, it can serve as a food processor, blender, kettle, or mixer, all controlled by the recessed control dial. In addition, the Hub is designed to let you diagnose and service it, with standard connector screws, an LED diagnostics window, and separate components that can be swapped out with ease, thus ending the issue of unserviceable products ending up in landfills.

  • Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

    Having a warm cup of coffee sitting on your nightstand the moment your eyes open sounds more like a dream than a wake-up call. The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock lures you into consciousness with the aroma of a fresh brew. Using induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings, water boils and is siphoned over your grounds to drip into your favorite mug while you sleep. The walnut frame even houses a cooler for your cream and a drawer for your sugar, eliminating the need to even get out of bed. Although this bedside barista seems like a gift from the caffeine gods, this concept is still in development and isn't currently available for purchase.

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