Prong PWR Case

If there's one thing our iPhones really, really need — besides a decent signal or Wi-Fi — it's power. As a result, there are tons of battery cases out there, but they all share a common problem: they still need a separate charger. Enter the Prong PWR Case. This multi-function case features a detachable battery good for one complete recharge, plus integrated charging prongs built into the back, so you never need to worry about a charger. And in the event that you've run your phone and the battery dead yet still need to use your phone, there's a backup Micro USB port so you can charge and talk at the same time.

  • Defender Smart Protection Device

    Our phones are incredibly capable devices — but instead of improving personal safety, they tend to serve as targets for thieves and other nefarious types. The Defender Smart Protection Device changes all of that. This slim, pocketable device connects to your phone over Bluetooth, and should you be approached, with a single button press takes a picture using its built-in camera, initiates a flashing light and audible alarm, and dispenses the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement. In addition, the picture, your GPS location, and any other authorized information is automatically sent to the 24/7 monitoring service, which can then notify the authorities.

  • Flir One Thermal Imager

    Hardcore handymen can tell you that thermal imaging is a lifesaver for finding water and air leaks, spotting overloaded electrical connections, and many other household issues. The Flir One Thermal Imager brings this power to your iPhone 5 or 5S. This advanced add-on combines the thermal image with the photo from a military-grade night vision camera to provide outstanding picture clarity, letting you see what's hiding in plain sight, whether it be a problem in the house, an animal in the dark, or just who's putting off the most heat at the gym.

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