Propellerhead Balance

Home studio recording just got simpler with the Propellerhead Balance ($450). This sleek, Red Dot-winning breakout box offers eight input connections — two high impedance guitar and bass inputs with pads, four line inputs, and two microphone preamps with phatom power — as well as balanced outputs and a powerful headphone amplifier. It connects to your computer via USB, and includes Reason Essentials, a fully-functional "basics"-style version of the company's award-winning Reason recording software. All you need are some instruments, a computer, and talent.

  • Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter

    It might not boast a camera or any on-board weaponry, but if you've been itching to hack around on your very own drone, the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter ($175) should fit the bill. This open source kit features a tiny Quadcopter with an on-board 32-bit processor, accelerometer and gyroscope to keep it afloat, a compass and altimeter for, well, whatever it is you'd like to use it for, a lithium-polymer battery that recharges via micro-USB and provides up to 7 minutes of flight time, and a 2.4 GHz radio that communicates with the USB transmitter, which you plug into a PC to provide control. What you do with it — and even what you could do with it — is entirely up to you. [via]

  • Ableton Push

    Take control of your music composition and performances like never before with the Ableton Push ($600-$1,200). This new instrument is powered by the USB cable that connects it to Ableton Live on your computer, giving you nearly endless creative options. The hardware itself — built by pad controller experts Akai Professional — consists of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive multicolored pads, with a layout that adapts to the track you have selected, along with a touch strip, 11 touch-sensitive endless encoders with a four-line LCD to show what you're working with, a bevy of knobs and buttons, and ports for foot switches to add even more control. Shipping in 2-3 months with either Live 9 Intro, Live 9 Standard, or Live 9 Suite.

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