Proper Coffee Cold Drip

We've seen some long brewing times before, but 12 hours seems a little excessive, even for cold drip. Yet that's the brewing time for the Proper Coffee Cold Drip ($400). Promising a smooth, flavorful cup of joe, the Proper Coffee brews at a glacial 43 to 47 drips per minute, 1000ml at a time, through an all-glass system of reservoir, filter funnel, and bottom vessel that's elegantly suspended by a water jet-cut aluminum frame. Luckily, you can store the resulting sweetness in the fridge for up to several weeks, so you won't have to plan a half-day ahead just to get your caffeine fix.

  • Breville Tea Brewer

    Give yourself one less thing to worry about with the Breville Tea Brewer ($250). Designed for the discerning tea drinker and incredibly lazy alike, this one-touch brewer features a fully automated tea basket that moves your leaves down into the water, then gently agitates them to infuse your tea with flavor, as the whole system keeps track of what variety of tea you're brewing, adjusting the water temperature and brewing time accordingly. Or, you could just do the same thing with a stove, thermometer, and egg timer. Good luck with that.

  • Vipp Kitchen Modules

    Sure, it's a litte strange to be recommending an entire kitchen made by a company best known for its trash cans, but one look at these Vipp Kitchen Modules ($TBA) and you'll understand. While the frame if the main module is made from powder-coated aluminum, the fronts and handles of the cabinets are made from powder-coated stainless steel, and the table top is made from a massive 5mm thick piece of stainless steel, featuring a welded, fully integrated sink, and four integrated gas burners with steel knobs. Other modules feature similar materials and add extra storage, as well as an induction and oven solution developed in collaboration with Marc Newson for SMEG. Available exclusively in the company's Flagship Store in Copenhagen. [Scouted by Nico]

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