Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike

The future of urban commuting is here in the form of the Volta Electric Bike from Pure Cycles. The Volta takes the inconvenience and extra effort out of bike riding, without compromising what makes pedaling to work or for fun so special. It features a 40-mile range on a single charge, a battery that fits stealthily into the top tube, and a motor that fits into the rear hub — so it still looks and rides like a bike. It even has built-in GPS with 24-hour tracking just in case someone decides to take it for a joyride without your permission. The Volta allows riders to enjoy easy, power-assisted riding for effortless errands, carbon-free commutes, and sprinting across town without breaking a sweat.

Presented by Pure Cycles.

  • PG x Bugatti Bicycle

    Developed by the former and designed by the latter, the PG x Bugatti Bicycle is the ideal two-wheel complement to the four-wheeled Chiron. Made from more than 95 percent carbon fiber, the bike weighs less than 5kg, making it the lightest "special" urban bike in the world. Individual components can be tailored to the rider, and customers of Bugatti can even get theirs built to match their cars. Manufactured by Kussmaul in Germany and limited to just 667 bikes worldwide.

  • Bell FCX-001 Helicopter

    Inspired by the concept vehicles on display at every major auto show, the Bell FCX-001 Helicopter offers a glimpse into the future of aviation. The craft's airframe is made from sustainable materials that maximize strength while providing plenty of cabin room. Its morphing rotor blades boost efficiency and performance while reducing noise, a hybrid propulsion system promises simpler operation and maintenance, and the augmented reality control system does away with traditional mechanical controls with the help of artificial intelligence. It also shares something else with most concept cars: it's unlikely to hit the market anytime soon.

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