Raj Tents

Raj Tents

Ever wonder where all those movie stars get tents for their backyard parties? More than a few of them have come from Raj Tents (starting at $2450). The company, started in London, now operates out of Oakland, and also offers rental service for those living in L.A. and the Bay Area. The uniquely designed tents are hand made by local artisans in Rajasthan, India and feature lots of fine detailing only found in handcrafted tents such as these. Now if we just had a huge backyard and a cell filled with numbers of A-list celebs, we’d be set.

  • CO2 Desert Eagle

    Some things in life are extremely cool, but better off experienced in replica form. Among these are fully-automatic assault weapons. Now you can live out your bullet-spraying fantasies safely with this CO2 Gas-Powered Desert Eagle from Soft Air ($150). It shoots soft BBs, but more importantly it can empty its whole clip — 39 BBs — in just five seconds when in full-auto mode. Talk about blowing your load.

  • StarSeeker Chair

    Everyone loves to look at the stars every now and then, and we normally end up with a stiff neck from it. No more. The StarSeeker Chair ($1950) features a mechanically rotating base with holders for binoculars and a joystick to control rotation. The reclining chair makes sure that there are no more sore necks for us astronomy lovers. [via New York Times]

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