Ralph Lauren Bond Game Set

Given the name, you might think the Ralph Lauren Bond Game Set ($4,995) has something to do with 007 — and it does, if you consider that you need secret agent-level funds to purchase it. The set also shares with Fleming's creation a knack for style, as it's built from walnut and carbon-fiber leather, with game pieces made with polished and black powder-coated nickel. It's guaranteed to be the fanciest game of solitaire, chess, checkers, backgammon, or tic-tac-toe you've ever played.

  • Post Foosball Table

    While there are plenty of options available if you're considering a good table game for your house or apartment, there are few that look as good as the Post Foosball Table ($6,000). In an effort to preserve elements of historically-significant buildings near their home on the Saigon River, post has reclaimed hardwood sourced from demolished buildings in Vietnam. This table is made from that hardwood, instantly granting it an antique appearance that will look great in your space. Cast irons legs, iron nets, and abstract-looking players lend to its aged look.

  • Sphero 2.0

    Bring games on your mobile device into the real world with Sphero 2.0 ($130), the Bluetooth-controlled baseball-sized robot. Powered by an internal smart robot, this little ball is capable of rolling at speeds up to seven feet per second — so you can drive it at full tilt with your iOS or Android device, jumping it off the included ramps, taking it off-road, and even through water. With dozens of games available in app stores (games like Rolling Dead, Color Grab, and Sphero Golf), you can play on your phone or tablet like never before. Bright multicolor LED lights make playing at night even more exciting, while an available nubby cover gives it the ability to take on the toughest terrain.

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