Raonhaje Ego Submarine

Okay, so maybe it's technically a semi sub, but the Raonhaje Ego Submarine ($TBA) sure looks like a helluva good time. Featuring a submersed central hull flanked by a floating hull on both sides, the Ego gives you unfettered views of the water through its specially-made acrylic windows, while the wheel and pedal control system makes piloting it as easy as driving a car. Other features include podded propulsion for easy maneuverability, all-electric operation with a run time of up to eight hours, and the peaceful solitude that comes from knowing that you and your cab-mate are the only people on board. [Thanks, Joe]

  • Audi Auto Union Type C E-Tron Study

    It might be labeled as a toy, but we sure wouldn't mind kicking around town in the Audi Auto Union Type C E-Tron Study ($TBA). Inspired by Audi's classic racers and based on a limited-edition pedal car model, the rear wheel-drive Type C is powered by a small electric motor and a lithium-ion battery that propels one human — up to 5' 11" — at speeds of up to 18 mph, and as far as 15 miles. Sure, it's not a speedster by any means, but it's a much sportier way to get around the island than that golf cart you've been driving.

  • Jetlev Flyer

    Jetpacks have been a pipe dream for many of us ever since we first watched Thunderball, but the expense, heat, weight, and potential for disaster have kept us grounded. Now the well-heeled among us can experience this unique form of flight with minimal risk aboard the Jetlev Flyer ($99,500). This crazy, water-powered backpack uses a 250hp motor and fuel tank at the water's surface to send gallons of the wet stuff up to the seat, where it's blasted back down to the ground, providing a maximum top speed of 22 mph and a maximum height of 28 feet, limited by the hose. All without the need to watch for Goombas.

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