Rareform Surfboard Bags

Protect your board and the environment at the same time with Rareform Surfboard Bags ($120-$175). Crafted from upcycled vinyl, each bag is unique, with features like UV-, heat-, water-, and mildew-resistant tarpaulin, a handy top zipper, a quarter inch of foam padding, a mesh interior pocket for small gear, and a 600D polyester nose protector. It also offers a removable shoulder strap, so whether you'd riding, walking, or driving, it's easy to transport to and from the shore.

  • Under Armour Armour39

    Some athletic gizmos measure steps. Others measure your leaping ability, or speed, or heart rate. But only the Under Armour Armour39 ($150) promises to measure your willpower. Or rather, it measures the effort you put forth during an activity by using an algorithm that takes into account your activity's duration, body position, heart rate, intensity, and calories burned, then considers it in light of your individual profile. How does it get all this info? From a sensor that straps to your chest and transmits the data to your smartphone — and you can expect to start checking out your own stats when it ships in March.

  • Splitsticks

    Tired of needing a lift to get you back up the hill each time you want to ride down, or worse yet, having to start only where the lift will take you? Take a look at Splitsticks (€1,350; roughly $1,800). This splitboarding system lets you snowboard down the hill and then split the board in half to hike back up it. In addition to the multiple hike modes, the 'sticks also offers a ski mode that lets you skate on flat sections, and a traditionally cambered tail, floaty nose, and good flex pattern when you're ready to ride.

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