Razer Junglecat Controller

Leave it to the people behind the best gaming mice to come up with the best gaming solution for your phone. The Razer Junglecat Controller turns your iPhone 5 or 5S into a full-featured gaming machine, thanks to rugged, slide-out controls including a d-pad, ABXY action buttons, and quick-response L/R bumpers. All of this is built into a case that measures just 20mm thick — keeping your device pocketable — and still allowing for access to all your phone's ports and controls.

  • Logitech Case+

    By now you know about the wealth of cases available for your iPhone — all of them offering something different, whether it's additional protection from damage, boosted battery performance, storage for your most-used items, or added convenience. But until the Logitech Case+, none of them were able to offer all of these benefits in one package. Sold together in a relatively-affordable kit, this case will hold your cards and cash, give you extra juice, save your phone from drops, and make it easier to use whether you're reading or driving. With the ability to magnetically attach to a range of included accessories, it's really the ultimate case for your iPhone 5 or 5s, letting you do more with it than you ever thought possible.

  • iTrack Dock

    Years ago, if you wanted to record music, you needed a dedicated sound studio — full of expensive equipment that the average guy could never get ahold of. But not anymore. Now all you need is a brand new iPad and the iTrack Dock to lay down tracks in your own home. The dock acts as a hub for your iPad, letting you connect your guitar, microphone, or MIDI controller with excellent sound quality and powerful control. It works with all the most popular audio apps available for the iPad (Auria, Cubasis, GarageBand, and more) and comes with their proprietary recording software Tape, making it simple to record, master, and share audio. And with high quality outputs available, you can power your studio monitors and headphones so you won't miss a single sound.

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