Recycled Record Guitar Picks

Making music with music isn't exactly a new idea, but doing so in such a direct manner surely is. These Recycled Record Guitar Picks ($5/6-pack) are hand cut from old vinyl records, with the edges sanded down to a comfortable smoothness. They're supposed to supply a crisper sound than traditional nylon picks, but we're sure they'll bring a touch of vintage coolness to your next jam session.

  • Devium Dash

    We've long thought it was stupid to hook up your iPhone to a car stereo that then makes you use its convoluted control system instead of the iPhone itself. Apparently, so did these guys. The Devium Dash ($290-$340) is a new in-dash car stereo that is built around a faceplate made to accomodate an iPhone or iPod touch, securing it in a CNC'd aluminum and plastic cradle while giving you full access to the touchscreen and all your apps. Other features of the Dash include a double-din body, 50W x 4 output with 2 preamp outputs, and your choice of standard aluminum or anodized black or white finishes. Arriving in July.

  • Backyard Beehive

    Treat yourself to natural raw honey this summer by picking up a Backyard Beehive ($500). This set includes a custom-designed, three-box, eight-frame wooden hive with beeswax-coated Rite-Cell foundations, an adjustable vented helmet with veil, large gloves, a stainless steel hive tool for lifting, prying, and scraping, a wooden bee brush, a stainless steel smoke, and an entrance feeder — everything you need to get started.

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