Redray 4K Cinema Player

Should you know the pleasure of owning a 4K-capable TV or projector, you're most likely also familiar with the first-world problem of trying to find content for it. The Redray 4K Cinema Player ($1,450) can help. Built specifically with 4K video in mind, this beastly digital content player packs a 1TB hard drive for storing video, USB ports and an SD card reader for manually transferring over files, Ethernet ports for Internet connectivity, and a bevy of HDMI outputs that support simultaneous playback of different content across two 4K screens or four 1080 screens. Even better, it will link up with, letting you access feature films right from home.

  • Boxee TV

    Finally, someone's combined the Internet set-top box with a DVR. We just didn't expect it to be these guys. The Boxee TV ($100) features two tuners so you can watch one show while recording another, and works with both digital antennas and unencrypted cable. Of course, this is a Boxee box, so it still offers a fluid, good-looking UI and access to the online services you care about, but its killer feature is No Limits DVR, which uploads all your DVR recording to the cloud, and lets you access them on any device you'd like, no matter where you are. At $15 a month, it's a great deal, but unfortunately it'll only be available in NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philly, and DC to start.

  • DirecTV Genie

    Ever wonder why you need a DVR in every room? So did the people at DirecTV. The result is the DirecTV Genie ($TBA), a whole home solution for TV viewing. This crazy box can record up to five shows in full HD simultaneously, lets you pause, rewind, record, and delete shows from any room, recommends new shows based on the ones you already watch, and offers 200 hours of HD storage — so you don't need to worry about running out of room due to a Honey Boo Boo marathon.

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