Reebok Checklight

Head injuries in sports have been getting a lot of play lately, and for good reason, they're extremely dangerous and hard to diagnose. The Reebok Checklight ($150) helps players monitor the number of, and severity of head impacts throughout the game, so coaches, officials, and medical staff can know just how to react. The sensor fits easily into an included skullcap, making it comfortable to wear with, or without a helmet. A status light gives valuable, realtime feedback, letting you know exactly how bad the hit was, and how many you've taken.

  • Yaktrax Run Traction Cleat

    If you're the type that doesn't stop running no matter what the conditions are outside, you've no doubt discovered that even the best of running shoes don't offer much traction when it comes to trudging through the snow and ice. Alleviate this problem with Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats ($25-$55). Made from high-strength natural rubber, these add-ons slide over top of your existing shoes, and feature carbide steel spikes that provide sure footing in nearly any conditions.

  • Coach Heritage Baseball Bats & Gloves

    They're obviously not the first company you'd think of when it comes to sporting goods, but given their reputation for rugged, quality leather goods, we suppose these Coach Heritage Baseball Bats & Gloves ($250-$350) make sense. The bats are made from American maple, dip-dyed by hand and wrapped with artisanal leather at the handle, while the gloves are crafted by hand in the USA using Coach's colorblocked glove-tanned leather. Crafted in collaboration with Warstic Wood Bat Co. and Insignia Athletics, respectively, these goods are available in a variety of colorways — but remember, they're limited edition, so if you're looking for a specific color, you'd better move quickly.

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