Remington Touch Control Beard & Stubble Trimmer

When you think about it, changing tiny plastic combs out just to try and get your facial hair the right length is pretty archaic. The Remington Touch Control Beard & Stubble Trimmer ($50) does away with this concept for good by giving you control of an LED touchscreen, offering up 175 different lengths from 0.4mm to 18.0mm, or a wide enough range to handle nearly every style, from standard stubble to a moderate moustache.

  • TwinLuxe Chrome Edition Shave Set

    It only makes sense that one of the most expensive shaving kits we've ever seen was designed by the same guy who designed one of the most expensive cars we've ever laid eyes on: the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The TwinLuxe Chrome Edition Shave Set ($800-$1,600) is a good match for the Phantom driver, featuring a devastatingly simple design with an integrated razor that packs Gillette Fusion blades, and a holder for the included dry TwinLuxe Shave Brush, all adorned in perfectly-polished chrome, solid white alumina ceramic, or a highly wear-resistant PVD coating. And if you're needing some skin and shaving creams, gels, and other products, they've got 'em, with bottles designed by the same Phantom vet.

    Win it!We're giving away one these amazing chrome shave sets, thanks to the folks at TwinLuxe. To enter, just make sure you're subscribed to our daily email. We'll choose one of you gents at random.

  • Panasonic Vortex Arc Shaver

    It might look a little odd, with its oversized head, but it's that head that helps the Panasonic Vortex Arc Shaver ($180) deliver a consistently close shave. Capable of wet or dry operation, the Arc features an ultra-thin foil, Nanotech blades that cut hairs off at their bases, Multi-Arc floating blades for uniform, even pressure on hard-to-shave spots like the chin, a blue LCD status display, a pop-up trimmer, and a fully automatic cleaning and charging system to ensure it's ready to go when you need it.

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