Residential Bowling Lanes

Residential Bowling Lanes

Take your dudeness to a whole new level with a Residential Bowling Lane ($TBA). They feature full-length, regulation lanes, genuine AMF and Brunswick equipment, and require over 1,000 sq ft. of space for a pair of lanes. Built to USBC standards, these custom lanes provide all the fun of a night at the alley without the stinky rental shoes, hassle of travel, or pesky managers that call the cops when you bust out a handgun to settle a line violation.

  • Freebord

    Just because the snow's gone doesn't mean you can't get some boarding in. The Freebord ($210-$340) is a snowboard for the pavement, with outside wheels that act just like the edges of a snowboard, and center wheels that act like the petex base. Need to stop? Just edge in and slide to a stop, just like you do in snow. All you need is a hill and some pavement. [Thanks, Justin]

  • Full Swing Golf Simulator

    Bring the course to you with the Full Swing Golf Simulator ($TBD). Like the simulators found in golf stores across the country, the Full Swing system allows you to use real clubs and balls to play over 50 real-life courses, including Oakland Hills and St. Andrews, providing valuable practice and unlimited drunken fun. Two 360-degree curtains of infrared beams provide exact and immediate ball-flight statistics, so you can be sure that you really would have hit your ball into the Pacific on the 18th at Pebble Beach.

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