Residential Hidden Passageways

Residential Hidden Passageways

Admit it, you've always wanted a secret passageway with a hidden in room in your own house. Your dream can now become a reality thanks to Creative Home Engineering. The company offers fully automated solutions that will turn you into the Bruce Wayne of your neighborhood (from $10,000 installed; DIY kits from $1,500). What could be cooler than pulling on a book to open a secret door or twisting on a candlestick to rotate a fireplace entryway?

  • POP Panels

    There are lots of ways to cover the surfaces of your walls and ceilings in your home. Paint, wallpaper, artwork — but we’ve seen none quite as unique as POP Panels from HighTower ($624-$1280). The three-dimensional form-pressed plywood coverings come in two sizes and four different colors, so you don’t have to fall prey to that awful country themed wallpaper and border the missus suggested.

  • Duplo Dinamico Ceiling Fan

    We've come to the conclusion that it's harder to find a cool ceiling fan than it is to win the lottery... in four states... on the same day. Luckily for those of us who were about to end our search and drop 60 bucks on a pathetic off-white fan with fake gold hardware at Lowe's, an Uncrate reader came through with this beauty. Available in chrome, nickel, copper, bronze finishes, the Duplo Dinamico Ceiling Fan (from $820) gives off a retro vibe that works in nearly any room and circulates air more efficiently than traditional paddle ceiling fans. You can get it with metal blades and guards or mahogany blades with no guards. [Thanks, Dan]

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