Rhino Laces

If you've ever had a shoelace give out on the trail, on the job, on the hunt, or just around the house, you know what a pain it can be. Ensure that doesn't happen with a pair of Rhino Laces. Created by wildland firefighters, these rugged laces are guaranteed against burning, cutting, sawing, chopping, or in any other way breaking or being destroyed thanks to a patent-pending process that makes certain they hold together no matter what conditions you face.

  • Bugatti x Roland Iten Belt Buckle

    Before you ask, no — the Bugatti x Roland Iten Belt Buckle ($84,000) won't help you travel at speeds in excess of 250 miles an hour. But it is made with the same spirit of craftsmanship that's helped Bugatti reign over the super car market for generations. This belt buckle uses a ratcheting mechanism inspired by watchmaking techniques to quickly pull your belt (the leather one that holds up your pants, not the one across your lap) tight without the need for holes. Featuring hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs, and pinions, and elements made from titanium, stainless steel, rose gold, and sapphire crystals, and limited to just 44 pieces, it's enough to make gear heads and watch lovers green with envy.

  • Senz Smart Umbrella

    There are few things as irritating on an already nasty day as dealing with an umbrella that just can't cope with a serious gust of wind — turning inside out, soaking you in the process, or just plain blowing away. With the Senz Smart Umbrella ($50) you don't need to worry about the wind, or the rain, thanks to its innovative take on the shape of a traditional umbrella. Its angular design is shorter in the front than in the back, helping it cut through the wind without letting any get underneath. An ergonomic handle helps you comfortably hold on to the umbrella, while a range of available colors and prints keep you looking great, even when the weather doesn't.

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