Ring Thing

Ring Thing

If you've ever been a guest bartender at an event or a bar, you know how much of a beating your hands can take from opening bottle after bottle. The Ring Thing ($8) helps to alleviate this problem with it's simple stainless band design that features a cutout on the inside that serves as a bottle opener. Handy, and since the opening is on the inside, it's discreet as well.

  • Bottle Blaster

    Finally, we've done it — we've perfected yet another way to get ourselves drunk faster. The Bottle Blaster ($15) uses an air intake to force more beer down your gullet faster than you ever thought possible. Available in both original and ninja — black — it is sure to add some excitement to your next party.

  • MonsterPod

    No, this isn't Apple's newest iPod, although we will have the latest Apple gear for you later today. The MonsterPod ($25) is a tripod with a viscoelastic morphing polymer super grip base. You simply mount your camera and press the MonsterPod against nearly any surface to have a safe, stable base for your photos and videos. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your pocket, which is more than we can say for traditional tripods — that is, unless you have really big, long pockets.

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