Add a bit of functional simplicity to your everyday carry with the Ringtool ($25). While it's designed with the bicycle commuter in mind, we have a hard time thinking of situations in which you wouldn't want a multitool small enough to add to your keychain. It features hex heads ranging from 4-10mm, a flathead, phillips, and torxhead driver, as well as the obligatory bottle opener. It's made from hardened stainless steel, and weighs just two ounces — perfect for your minimalist carry.

  • Sam XT Tourniquet

    The tourniquet has been a valuable tool for soldiers for hundreds of years. The proper application of a tourniquet during an emergency can save a life, but an improper application with too much slack can result in the opposite effect. This Sam XT Tourniquet features a buckle technology that auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. It's engineered for rapid utilization with fewer windlass turns enabling easier training and faster, more intuitive use.

  • Bit Bar Pocket Screwdriver

    Combining the convenience of an interchangeable with an EDC-friendly body, the Bit Bar Pocket Screwdriver is a smart addition to your tool arsenal. Crafted from your choice of fiberglass-reinforced nylon or grade 5 titanium, the body serves as both a handle and a sliding storage area for eight standard size hex bits, letting you mix and match to suit your needs. The bits are held in place with a magnetic when in use, and a built-in clip makes it easy to keep your pocket while keeping it handy.

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