Road Inc.

Road Inc.

If you haven't noticed — especially this week — we love our cars here at Uncrate HQ. Road Inc. ($10) lets us sate our interests using nothing but our iPads by offering up museum-quality tours of 50 amazing autos, including 3D tours, over 70 videos, 350 photos, and 3,000 archival documents like brochures, blueprints, ads, and articles, more than 100 engine noises, in-depth essays, and easy sharing features. With additional features and models on their way, it's prime coffee table entertainment for car buffs.

  • AirCassette

    Until now, folks who longed for a nostalgic tape-style experience were forced to carry around Walkmans, or better yet, ghetto blasters. Now you can get the same experience — kinda — on your iPhone or iPod touch with AirCassette ($2). Inspired by real 1980's cassettes, AirCassette fills your screen with a recreation of popular blank tapes, with simple controls, plus all the modern features you'd expect, like the ability to browse by artist, album, or songs, set up a queue, share a song via Facebook or email, and stream whatever you're playing around the house using AirPlay. All for less than the price of an actual blank tape.

  • Instapaper

    It was plenty handy when it launched, and now that we're all carrying around phones and tablets that make for perfect reading canvases, it's downright indispensable. Instapaper (Free to signup, $5 app) is, for the uninitiated, an online service that lets you save nearly any webpage for later reading, thankfully stripping away nasty ads, formatting, and any other potential distractions, leaving you with nothing but beautiful words. And now, thanks to the latest iOS app update, you can also quickly browse through any links your friends are sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, transforming it from a simple reading tool to a constantly-updated source of awesome articles.

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