Roadie Tuner

Whether you're a beginner just learning to play guitar, or a seasoned veteran who has seen his share of road gigs, the Roadie Tuner ($80) is just the tool you need to perfect your craft. This automated robotic tuner will literally tune your guitar (or any other stringed instrument with geared pegs) for you, thanks to its sensors that are three times more accurate than the human ear. It will tune your guitar faster than most experienced players, helps you wind and unwind your strings, and will even let you quickly switch between tunings. Use the included iOS app to remember tuning settings, save custom tunes, visualize your tune, and keep track of the quality of your strings.

  • Nimbus Personal Dashboard

    Information surrounds us at every turn in our daily lives — we're consumed with numbers, whether it's the number of emails we have yet to read, miles we've run that week, or minutes (perhaps hours) we'll spend in traffic on the way to work. The Nimbus Personal Dashboard ($130) gives you a visually intriguing way of displaying all that data, so you can consume it at a glance. In order to set it up, you just pair it with an iOS or Android app, choose which data sources feed to which gauge, and let the dials start turning. Uses for it are seemingly endless, as it syncs with a huge array of services, including your FitBit, your email provider, and your favorite social media sites.

  • Coin

    With all the cards we carry in our wallets — multiple credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards — we run the risk of looking a little like George Costanza. But with Coin ($100), we can finally start slimming down our every day carry to something a little more manageable. This connected device (shaped and sized like a credit card) lets you scan all the cards you typically carry in your wallet, and then leave them at home. It works just like a regular card, letting you swipe it the same way you normally would, and lets you easily swap which card you're using at any given moment. Manage your collection of cards with their mobile app, and never lose track of your Coin thanks to low-energy Bluetooth alerts.

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