Roam Ropes Earphones

What do you do when you're part of a fashion revolution in headphones? You set your sights on earphones, of course. From one of the minds behind Beats, Roam Ropes Earphones are designed unlike any you've worn before, in that they're meant to hang around your neck all day. The buds themselves emerge from sleek metal bars, with the cables wrapping around the back of your head and down to a metal box at the front. While that box serves as both a plugin point and headphone splitter, it also enables a Bluetooth connection with your devices, giving you a host of connectivity options while keeping the cords tidy and ensuring you look great wearing them all day long.

  • AKG K812 Headphones

    Built with music professionals in mind, these AKG K812 Headphones aim to let you hear every detail of your music. It does so with a mix of industry-leading tech, including a 53 mm transducer — the largest AKG has ever built — the strongest magnet system on the market, and a copper-covered aluminum voice coil that extends frequency response beyond the limits of human hearing. Don't worry if all that's a bit over your head — all you need to know is these will be the most accurate headphones you've ever put on your head.

  • Earin Wireless Earbuds

    Bluetooth is great for cutting the cables between your phone and your ears — but up 'til now, basically all BT earbuds have still had a cable running around the back of your head connecting the two tiny speakers. Earin Wireless Earbuds promise to do away with all of that. Billed as the world's smallest wireless earbuds, they're actually two tiny in-ear drivers that work together as a single headphone, delivering great sound thanks to balanced armature speakers, and coming complete with a sleek storage capsule that doubles as a charger.

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