No, it doesn't let you steal from the rich and give to the poor — but it will stop the rich from robbing you every time you want to make a trade. Based on the idea that a tech-driven brokerage could operate with less overhead, Robinhood is the first brokerage we know of to charge zero commissions for self-directed individual or joint cash brokerage accounts. Built in California — not Wall Street — by a team whose resumes include Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Pixar, Oracle, Bungie, and Facebook, it offers low-latency trades, rock-solid reliability, and one of the best-looking apps you'll have on your phone.

  • Secret

    We all have gossip, stories, or just interesting insights that we'd love to share with the world. The problem is, you post stuff like that on Twitter or Facebook and everyone knows where it came from. Enter Secret. This ingenious app uses your contacts list to create a secret underworld of social networking, letting you share your thoughts and feelings anonymously, and letting others share them with their contacts. It's like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only with way more intrigue and way less Footloose.

  • Card Table

    We've all experienced it: you're having a dinner party or social event, and you look up only to find everyone with their heads buried in their iPhones. Now you can use that to your advantage with Card Table. This clever — and free — app lets you and up to three friends play poker, rummy, bridge, blackjack, war, or any other card game you can think of, all using a single iPad as the table and your iPhones as your personal hands. It works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and is sure to liven up any tech-heavy gathering.

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