Robot Tea Infuser

Robot Tea Infuser

Some things were just meant to go together, like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, tea and... robots? Judging by the Robot Tea Infuser ($15), it certainly appears so. This whimsical kitchen gadget holds your favorite leaves inside while using its arms to ensure that it stays below the water.

  • Rocket Giotto Rapha Espresso Machine

    Despite the name, you don't need to be a cycling enthusiast to enjoy the output of the Rocket Giotto Rapha Espresso Machine (€1,700; roughly $2,400). This limited edition, all stainless steel machine is numbered one out of 200 on the boilerplate, and features a stainless steel steam wand, full-size commercial one and two cup filter handles with baskets, a thermal siphone system, a copper boiler with brass end plates, a three-liter water reservoir with low-level warning system, and a Sirai pressure stat for greater accuracy and longer life — which is important for a coffee maker that costs as much as a high-end HDTV.

  • AGA Total Control Cooker

    Need an oven that will be ready at a moment's notice and still look great next to your grand piano and guitar? Then you need an AGA Total Control Cooker ($TBA). This electric cooker is controlled by a touch screen panel hidden behind one of the four front doors, and lets you operate the boiling plate, simmering plate, roasting oven, baking oven, and simmering oven independently, saving you money and energy, all while keeping its old world cred.

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