Rockmill Dubbel Beer

Belgians are known around the world for their brewing expertise. One thing that sets the Abbeys and the Trappists apart is the water they use to make their fine brews. Well it just so happens that the water on a small farm in Ohio is nearly identical to that of Wallonia, Belgium, where Belgian Ale originated. Rockmill Brewing took advantage, setting up their brewery on a small farm plot nearby and are creating some fantastic Belgian beers. Included in the small collection is their take on the Belgian Dubbel ($14). A few sips of this sweet, malty gem will have you asking for more, and wondering if you aren't drinking something straight from Belgium.

  • Epic Big Bad Baptist Beer

    A brewery like Epic Brewing in Utah have some challenges other breweries don't have to mess with. The alcohol laws in the state are quite prohibitive, forcing the brewers to be creative when it comes to the amount of alcohol that makes its way into their beers. But the 11% plus ABV badass that is Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout ($14) kicks through the door of many restrictions, regardless of your proximity. It's brewed with cocoa nibs and whole coffee beans, and is then placed in whiskey barrels before bottling. Every batch varies a bit, and isn't easy to come by, so hunt down a bottle now and enjoy a truly Epic stout.

  • Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout Beer

    What happens when two uber geeks team up with Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch? A perfectly geeky craft beer, of course. Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout ($10) is the brainchild of actor Wil Wheaton, creator Drew Curtis, and Koch, and is sure to turn some heads. It was brewed with rye, wheat malt and pecans and partially aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels. W00tStout crosses the finish line at 13% ABV, which is enough to make any geek a little weak in the knees. It might sound highly illogical, but this collaboration will be in high demand.

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