Rockwell Jawhorse

Rockwell Jawhorse

Save your sanity — and possibly a limb — with the Rockwell Jawhorse ($180). This hardcore helping hand clamps down on nearly anything, and should be the first thing solo do-it-yourselfers bust out. The Jawhorse sports a hands-free foot pedal that lets you apply up to one metric ton of clamping force, and its jaws can be opened up to 37-inches wide.

  • Zibra Open It

    Just in time for the holidays comes the Zibra Open It ($11). This universal package opener features a safety razor, wire snips, and a built-in screwdriver for opening battery compartments. It'll help you get even the most stingy bubble-packed, tied-down containers open, saving you endless frustration — and lots of slightly-injured fingers.

  • Leatherman Serac LED Flashlights

    You already know how well-made and handy Leatherman multitools are. If you carry one daily, you know how you're prepared for just about anything. Except that blasted lack of sunlight thing that seems to happen every night. Save the day with one of these pocket-friendly, hard-anodized aluminum Leatherman Serac LED Flashlights (shown above close to actual size). The family includes the Serac S1 ($22), the Serac S2 ($40), and the Serac S3 ($57). Each progressively bigger and brighter, the keychain-sized 1-LED S1 shines up to 6 lumens with 11 hours of battery life; the 2-LED S2 offers up to 35 lumens with 45 minutes (high) or 10.5 hours (low) battery life; and the 3-LED S3 offers up to 100 lumens with 1 hour (high), 4 hours (medium) or 36 hours (low) of battery life. Our favorite is the middle-of-the-road S2, which is super-portable yet doesn't skimp on anything. If we didn't already have one, these flashlights would definitely be at the top of our list this year.

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