Rockwell VersaCut Saw

Not every task requires oversized, industrial-strength implements. Which is why they make tools like the Rockwell VersaCut Saw ($120). This mini-circular saw is designed to handle small jobs or jobs where larger saws can't go, but still boasts a powerful, 4.0 Amp motor, an easily set depth indicator, three included blades — one for wood, one for aluminum and PVC, and one for tile and cement board — and a laser indicator to make sure your cuts are on line and smooth.

  • Trioh Flashlight

    We've said it before, and it's no less true now: the biggest problem with flashlights is finding them when you need them. With the Trioh Flashlight ($70), that's not a problem. Sporting a sculpted silver body and base with white accents, the Trioh is designed to sit in plain view, functioning as an accent light during normal evenings, an emergency light when the power goes out -- it automatically turns on when the power goes out -- and a triple-LED flashlight when you need it most, lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge.

  • Craftsman Lighted Pliers

    Odds are if you're having to bust out the pliers, you're working on something in a poorly-lit area. Which is why these Craftsman Lighted Pliers ($30) are such a smart idea. Long nose and diagonal models are included in the set, and both feature a center hub that boasts a sealed LED module that provides plenty enough light to get the job done while keeping all the electronics safe from water, moisture, or stray oil sprays.

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