RokBlok Record-Riding Player

Pretty much all record players have one thing in common: they spin the record. The RokBlok Record-Riding Player turns this notion on its head, instead riding around on top of the record like a toy train to play the music hidden in its grooves. Weighing in at just 3.2 oz, it has a built-in pre-amp, speaker, and rechargeable battery, and also has Bluetooth for streaming the sound to a more robust system. And since it's not tied down by wires or power cables, it'll work pretty much anywhere you can find a flat surface whether you're playing a 33 or a 45.

  • Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console

    Like the Model One before it, the Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console packs modern hi-fi components inside a classic design. Within its handcrafted wooden frame, you'll find a custom integrated 300 WPC Amp hooked to a pair of custom 8 inch 2-way speakers on end and a fully decoupled belt driven turntable with phono preamp on the other. Bluetooth is built in, extra inputs are available inside the cabinet for adding other audio sources, and the built-in vinyl storage pockets let you keep your favorites handy, while the magnetic grilles let you decide whether to expose the speakers or kid them hid.

  • Aerix Duet Music System

    Sporting a simple design that pairs two cubes with a acoustically-designed aluminum baseplate, the Aerix Duet Music System provides outstanding audio in a handsome package. Thanks to 360-degree horns, a down-firing 5.25" subwoofer, and a 200 watt amp, it gives you great sound no matter where it's placed, and support for WiFi streaming from sources like Spotify and Pandora means you can put it anywhere you want. It also has AptX Bluetooth for playing music from your phone or tablet, and a slot-loading CD player gives you a reason to dust off you physical media collection.

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