Roku Streaming Stick

Considering all the other things we've seen reduced to stick form, it's no surprise that the Roku Streaming Stick ($TBA) looks ready to make that not-so-smart TV of yours a lot more useful with a minimal amount of fuss. Resembling a USB thumb drive, the streaming stick packs Wi-Fi, a processor, memory, and specialized software into a tiny enclosure that connects directly to the MHL-enabled HDMI ports on modern TVs, ensuring up-to-date software and access to services like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Pandora long after you've upgraded your set.

  • Sony 4K Home Theater Projector

    Lately we've heard a lot of people refer to their new TVs as "future-proofed" since they offered 3D features that aren't really used right now — but if you really want to future proof your setup, pick up this Sony 4K Home Theater Projector ($25,000). If you're unaware, 4K is a next-generation video standard that will see astoundingly detailed 4096 x 2160 images pushed across the airwaves. This new projector handles them with aplomb thanks to a new SXRD panel and lamp that supports images up to 200 inches in the diagonal and a 4K "upscaler" for measly 1080p content, and also offers installation options like dual triggers, a 2.1 motorized zoom, expanded throw distances, an RS232 interface, control over IP, and compatibility with most home automation systems.

  • TiVo Premiere Elite

    Recording two shows at once? That's so 2008. The TiVo Premiere Elite ($TBA) blows past this limitation by integrating multiple digital tuners and a two terabyte hard drive, letting you record up to four shows at once and save up to 300 hours of HD programming — for those that weren't counting, that's nearly two weeks of eyeball-rotting goodness. Other features include THX certification for optimal sound and video quality, TiVo's legendarily elegant interface, and integrated Internet entertainment like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube. You'll be able to pick it up this fall, so to avoid confrontation, you might want to break the news to your current cable box now.

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