Roolen Breath Humidifier

Getting your space to the optimum level of humidity shouldn't be a pain — finding the perfect setting, checking water levels, and frequent refills become a thing of the past with the Roolen Breath Humidifier. Completely controlled with just one button, you can set Breath to one of three modes: low for up to 24 hours of moisture, high for up to 12 hours in a very dry environment, or an auto mode that lets it determine the appropriate amount of moisture for you. And with an elegant design available in white or black, a small footprint, and quiet efficient operation, you'll barely even notice the device as it steadily improves your environment.

  • Armatix Firearm Smart System

    It's like something out a Bond movie — a gun that will only fire for one specific person. The Armatix Firearm Smart System makes it a reality. This unique system pairs an .22 calibre iP1 pistol with the iW1 RFID watch, making it so that only someone wearing the watch can fire the weapon. The gun automatically deactivates when it loses contact with the watch, and the watch itself lets you enter a pin code to release the safety, adding yet another measure of security. After all, when it comes to firearms, you can't be too careful.

  • BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer

    3D printers are undoubtedly cool. And they can also be useful — assuming what you need to print can fit inside the typically tiny dimensions of your printer. On that count, you should have no troubles with the BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer. This mammoth machine can print objects well over a cubic meter in size, or roughly 45" x 40" x 47" at its limits, and doesn't skimp on detail, either, with dual tool heads offering 100 micron resolution. Print a table, print a chair, print your imaginary best friend — just print something, because owning one of these and failing to use it would be a real shame.

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