Rost Coffee Roaster

You don't want to waste any of your best beans to find the ideal roasting profile. The Rost Coffee Roaster lets you create samples easily and quickly, 100 grams at a time. Automatic adjustments can be made based on the bean or ambient temperature, or gas and fan power, with multiple sensors and intelligent software controlling the action, and you can always take manual control from either the machine itself or your phone over Wifi.

  • Stadler Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Simply constructed yet highly versatile, the Stadler Outdoor Pizza Oven is a great addition to your patio kitchen. It's built from 3mm corten steel sheets, a steel alloy that's designed to form a protective layer of rust over time. The top opening holds two food-safe cordierite baking stones. To use it, simply start a fire in the lower box, and place your food on the stone. Smaller fires let you bake bread, fish, meat, and vegetables, while larger fires let you cook up pizzas in as little as five minutes, thanks to a maximum temperature of 750º F. The entire oven comes flat-packed, is easy to assemble, and includes a small pizza peel to get you started.

  • Snow Peak Tamago Pan

    If you have some skills around the campfire, you might be able to whip up an omelet for yourself and friends on a camping trip. But chances are you would rather not pack a proper frying pan to make that meal a reality. The Snow Peak Tamago Pan is made with your next campsite brunch in mind, featuring an angled design, heating core, and a removable handle that makes it easy to transport. It not only provides the convenience you need, but you'll also cook up some of the best looking omelets you've ever seen.

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