Rover Electric Scooter

It's no secret that gas prices are high, and it only looks like they're going to keep rising. But we still have to get to work — so if you can get over being the geek on the little green machine, the Rover Electric Scooter ($5,920) might be what you need. With a fully-electric, rechargeable motor, it has a range of 32 miles and a top speed of 33 mph. All-weather tires, a smartphone holder, lightweight aluminum construction, and LED lights make it a pretty versatile vehicle. Also available in black, white, and purple.

  • Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

    Trying to milk all the speed you can out of your bike rides? Make sure your head isn't getting in the way with the Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet ($220). This high-tech helmet features Ergo Fit Pad technology with progressive padding and low-denisty open-cell foam to pull away moisture, the Ergo Hold SL Retention system that offers 6cm of size adjustment with the turn of a dial, and cabon composite reinforcement that allows for larger vent openings without compromising protection. Available in white, black, and yellow.

  • Tonke Campers

    We often speak of something melding the old and the new, but it's still pretty rare to such a literal example as these Tonke Campers (€95,000-€103,000; roughly $123,000-$133,000). These intriguing vehicles pair a retro, gypsy cart-style camper with a modern Mercedes truck, creating a happy juxtaposition of looks on the outside. On the inside, you'll find a yacht-style interior, with room for two or three people depending on the model, and expected niceties like showers, toilets, kitchens, and beds. Each one is custom designed and built-to-order in the company's workshop, so if you'd like to get your hands on one this summer, you'd best get moving.

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