Rubis Mehaz Tweezers

Rubis Mehaz Tweezers

These Swiss-made stainless steel tweezers are what the pros use. The all-purpose Mehaz by Rubis Tweezers ($30) are made with a 42-step hand finishing process to form perfect tip alignment for all your painful hair removal needs.

  • HeadBlade

    We're not ready to shave off our golden locks just yet, but that won't stop us from showing you (and our two balding buddies who've already made the Mr. Clean move) the HeadBlade. A winner of Time magazine's 10 Best Designs of 2000, the HeadBlade is the "easiest way to shave your head without risking cuts." It features a "lead with the blade" design that lets you use all of your fingers to guide the razor. Less time, less blood. The HeadBlade works with Gillette Atra, Schick Ultrex, and Super II blade cartridges.

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