Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection

In recognition of BMW Motorrad's 90 years of motorcycling excellence, Ruby has released a series of high-end headgear, the Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection ($980-$1,450). While there are certainly less expensive ways to keep your brains intact, there are relatively few that look like these helmets. With design cues taken from the bikes that inspired them — including the classic red and blue stripes on a white field — these helmets come in three variations and a range of colorways. Choose the Belvedere, with its large front visor, the Pavillon, with its exposed face, or the partially enclosed Castel.

  • Icon A5 Systems Layout Model

    Icon (purveyors of high-quality light sport aircraft) have released early details on the newest version of their A5, the Icon A5 Systems Layout Model ($189,000), and it looks incredible. These small, two-person aircraft are designed to go anywhere, enabling flight without all the hurdles of larger planes. They feature collapsable wings so they can be trailered around and easily stored, retractable landing gear enabling waterborne takeoff (if there's no pavement around), and sporty 100 horsepower pusher-prop engines. This new model, while still in the design phases, features a black vinyl that's interestingly printed with graphics that depict the internal location and layout of key structures and systems of the aircraft.

  • Natural Log Skateboards

    Stand out from the rest of the crowd at the skate park — or on your route to work — with one of these Natural Log Skateboards ($100-$200). Made from either vertical grain bamboo, or recycled oak, these boards boards feature sustainable construction that doesn't look quite like your everyday board. Each board has two internal layers of tri-axial fiberglass that give it torsional strength, while Entropy Resins Super Sap epoxy gives the board a little extra bounce. They are available in a range of sizes and styles, depending on how you prefer to ride (whether you want a board for cruising, carving, or a classic board).

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